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Why e.pop?

Our innovative smart receipt solution helps you connect with customers to grow your business and showcase your pledge to sustainability.

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e.pop For Your Business

+ 0 %
of millennials pay more for a sustainable brand
- 0 lb CO2

annual emission reduction for small businesses switching to smart receipts

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increased customer engagement with targeted offers

IT TAKES 2 MINUTES TO INTEGRATE One simple integration with your existing POS. No additional tools or platforms. With e.pop, you will no longer need to scan or request contact information from customers. Once they have downloaded the e.pop app, they will receive their digital receipts directly. SEND PERSONALIZED OFFERS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS e.pop is your digital platform to engage with new and existing customers. Deliver exclusive targeted offers and increase customer loyalty. Open a new marketing channel to drive sales, while protecting customer privacy. SHOW YOUR SUSTAINABILITY COMMITMENT In 2019, the retail sector spent more than $312 million on receipt paper*. Share your sustainability story and identify as an eco-conscious brand to meet the demands of modern consumers.
*(Green America "Skip the Slip Report", 2019 on the U.S market)
GET VALUABLE INSIGHTS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS Get analyses on anonymized purchasing behavior to help you better understand your customers and cater to their needs. Itemize data down to the item level on purchases to create better suited marketing strategies to reach more customers. CONTACTLESS IS HERE TO STAY 78% Of consumers have changed the way they pay in order to reduce contact when purchasing goods and services due to COVID-19.* Give your customers and employees peace of mind by ensuring a safer, and more efficient checkout process.
*(Visa "Back to Busines Study", 2020)

POS Integrations

All it takes is a few clicks. No need for additional equipment or substitutions. Automatically send receipts to your customers using your existing payment process.

Sustainability Calculator

Enter amount of receipts printed weekly
Enter amount of receipts printed weekly


Annually you could save the equivalent of
Pounds of CO2
Plastic Straws

The length of your receipts total 0 inches that is the height of 0 Statue of Liberties!

* based on a typical receipt being 9 inches long

Let Us Improve Your Customer Experience

Book a free demo call and we’ll walk you through how you can grow your business with smart receipts. e.pop is relevant to companies of any industry and size.

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e.pop Is A Community

Become a valued member of our community and join forces with many likeminded businesses, striving to work towards a better future. You are joining a valued group of merchants. Enrich customer experiences, reduce costs and help our planet one tree at a time.

About the program:

By joining our e.pop community, you receive a welcome kit with benefits to help you and your customers engage, grow your business and show your commitment to global reforestation. See our Guides to learn what it means to be a sustainable brand.

e.pop Commitment

We plant a tree for every merchant sign up and pledge to reach 1M trees by 2025, with the help of our partners.


We are proud to be partnering with Trees for Cities, Ecologi, Veritree and One Tree Planted.

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Getting started can be overwhelming, so get the ball rolling with our free Best Sustainable Practices in Retail ebook.

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